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Have you ever wondered how to earn an income from a property portfolio in your retirement?

With so many demands upon our lives today we often neglect the bigger picture. We focus on the day to day issues and avoid exploring our options because it is too difficult or overwhelming... to our detriment!

Did you know that only 300,000 Australians have wealth exceeding $1,000,000 outside of their home and Super? I have owned more than 43 properties and today, should I retire, I will live on an income from my portfolio that will see I can maintain my current lifestyle. Would you like that for yourself and your family?

It is our goal to provide our clients with the information needed to reduce personal debt and create a property investment portfolio which works for you.

Lynne Wilton, Founder
Lynne purchased her first home over 28 years ago. Over time this has grown into an extensive portfolio of both residential and commercial investments. Today Lynne runs a successful Property Mentoring business where she offers seminars throughout the year and invites you to join her Mentor Program.

Our Service
We can assist you to take the confusion out of building a property portfolio. We like to start with the household budget, then assess your current assets and liabilities to truly understand your current financial situation. For more information, contact us or register for our next Property Investment Seminar.

Client Testimonials

client-Brian“There are a lot of people out there that think about their future and want to invest but they’re afraid to do it. It’s the unknown its a lot of money, it’s a big step. After kids came along that changed everything for me, I started thinking about my future, how to secure my future and I started investing with Solid three years ago.

I’ve always been self-employed so banks really didn’t want to talk to me and it was an extremely intimidating process to go through that. Then I found Lynne. I went to one of her seminars and it just clicked, she had experience dealing with people who were self-employed, so she made it happen for me.

I feel so much more secure and so much happier that I have taken that step. Take the next step for yourself, for your family, for your future with Solid.”
| Brian - 2015

  • During this year we have bought two investment properties through Solid and we have been absolutely ecstatic about it

    Solid Investment Property review
    Michael and Surani – December 2015
  • From the get go I felt that I was in safe hands with Lynne and her team, I recommend everyone to contact Solid and get that same piece of mind that I have.

    Solid Investment Property review by Joyce may 2015
    Joyce – May 2015
  • I bought a property through Lynne... It just went so smoothly. Lynne held my hand all the way through it. I'm so happy with the apartment, it rented so quickly and now it's bringing a lovely income. Thanks Lynne!

    Bromwyn a client of Solid Investment Property since 2011
    Bronwyn November 2011
  • Lynne lives her life with care, intelligence and passion and she brings that to understanding who you are, where you want to be and giving you the guidance to get there. Your success is her success.

    George Testimonial Solid Investment Property
    George December 2011
  • Lynne and her team really down to earth, professional, know what they’re talking about and very much having their clients interest right up front and very much at heart. The budgeting process that Lynne has taught us has really made a difference to our personal finances. We've got more money now, without making more money, and finding the right property for us was the focus for Lynne.

    Rick Client Review Solid Investment Property
    Rick December 2014
  • Lynne has a passion to see people realise their dreams as far as property ownership, But not to their demise… In fact they’re [solid] are very comfortable telling you here’s what you need to have, have a solid plan… It’s the confidence, the caring about your dream and your vision for property ownership

    Solid Investment Property Client Review
    Rebecca December 2014
  • It was very easy for us to go with the process right through to the successful settlement of our first property. We’ve had 2 and now 3 investment properties...We love her team and thoroughly recommend her and her team to anyone.

    Solid Investment Property client Testimonial
    Tony December 2014
  • Solid has been very reliable, very trustworthy and if we were in the market for a third property we would certainly go with them.

    Simon December 2014

Solid's Guarantee

"There are many property investment and wealth creation companies out there, but here at Solid, we give you our cast iron guarantee that we will always put your needs and best interests first. Work with us, like hundreds of other clients and enjoy the Solid wealth creation experience."