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Have you ever wondered how to earn an income from a property portfolio in your retirement?

With so many demands upon our lives today we often neglect the bigger picture. We focus on the day to day issues and avoid exploring our options because it is too difficult or overwhelming... to our detriment!

It is our goal to provide our clients with the information needed to reduce personal debt and create a property investment portfolio which works for you.

Lynne Wilton

Lynne purchased her first home over 25 years ago. Over time this has grown to an extensive portfolio of both residential and commercial investments.

Today Lynne runs a successful property mentoring business where she offers  seminars throughout the year and invites you to join her mentoring program.

Our service is all about you

We can assist you to take the confusion out of building a property portfolio. We like to start with the household budget, along with your current asset and liability status, and truly understand your current financial situation.

For more information, contact us or register for our next seminar on investing in property.

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