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Have you ever wondered how to earn an income from a property portfolio in your retirement?

With so many demands upon our lives today we often neglect the bigger picture. We focus on the day to day issues and avoid exploring our options because it is too difficult or overwhelming... to our detriment!

It is our goal to provide our clients with the information needed to reduce personal debt and create a property investment portfolio which works for you.

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Client Testimonials

  • During this year we have bought two investment properties thru Solid and we have been absolutely ecstatic about it
    Solid Investment Property review
    Michael and Surani – December 2015
  • I recommend everyone to contact Solid and get that same piece of mind that I have.
    Solid Investment Property review by Joyce may 2015
    Joyce – May 2015
  • After doing a lot of research we just found that Lynne and her team made you very comfortable, made you very confident and they made sure we understood what we were doing.
    Sma and Anthea Solid Investment Property review
    Sam and Anthea December 2014
  • I'm so happy with the apartment. It rented so quickly and now it's bringing a lovely income. Thanks Lynne!
    Bromwyn a client of Solid Investment Property since 2011
    Bronwyn November 2011