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From good to great!
At 5% interest rates, your property could be positively geared~

A real Solid experience.

When you buy an investment property, it is my experience that the first five years are the most expensive to hold ‘out of pocket’. With interest rates so low, some of our clients are currently positively geared with their investments in the first year! It has never been a better time to invest, with interest rates so low.

The Problem
When Mark and Chelsea came to see me back in 2011 they needed a well-structured, low cost investment property. At the time, after doing the household budget, we all agreed that they could afford $115.00 per week ‘out of pocket’ to support their investment property.

Our Strategy
Avenue propertyWe recommended that Mark and Chelsea purchase a one bed, one bath apartment without a car park on trendy Chapel street in South Yarra right opposite the Yarra River.

At this time, the interest rates were 6.68% and we estimated the rent of their property to be $350 per week.

After settlement, we meet with all our clients to perform a post settlement checklist. This is to make sure that you have captured all your expenses and deductions. We also update the original Property Investment Analysis (PIA) that we prepared for you at the time of purchase, and benchmark the properties performance.

Once you have an up to date PIA you can then send it onto your Accountant for final preparation and lodgement, or to aid the requirements for your Tax Withholding lodgement.

The Result
When we met with Mark and Chelsea for their post settlement review, quite a few things had changed since they originally purchased their property. Their interest rate is now 5.0% not 6.68%. The rent is $390 not $350 as anticipated and their return on investment is almost 5.0% and their property is cash flow positive after their tax return.

Infographic related to the case study with Mark and Chelsea

Interest Rate
Rent Rate
Return on Investment
Tax Return per week


Mark and Chelsea are absolutely delighted. Their dreams have come true. They now own a brand new apartment in popular South Yarra, with a tenant paying most of their mortgage and their tax refund paying the balance of mortgage and expenses.

As you see from the example the property was originally going to cost the couple -$115.00 ‘out of pocket’. As of today, the property is positively geared after they receive their tax return by +$14.00 per week.

My wife and I were not sure how to get the best out of our investments. Chelsea wanted our lives to stay the same and have no cash flow implications and I wanted an investment that would grow and eventually pay off our mortgage.Lynne and her team have done the best job for us. We really valued her advice and expertise and with our property positively geared; we couldn’t be happier.

| Mark and Chelsea

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Lynne Wilton
Founder and Director

I have purchased 45 properties in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania personally. And as a buyer’s advocate and licensed real estate agent with a 30 years experience in property market, I have purchased over 350 properties for my clients in the last 9 years. My 5-Step low-risk, high-return formula has helped a lot of my clients wanting an earlier retirement, financial security and a future free of money worries. And I’d like to see if I can do the same for you.

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