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Once you join our Mentor Program and meet with us; we action your financial future.

examine banner 2015Examine
Assets & Liabilities 

We take the time to
understand what your
current position is
Asset iconAssess
Income & Expenses 

A big part of our success is
that we work with you to
understand your cash flow
review iconReview
Mortgages & Credit Cards 

A solid structure is key for
investing. We improve 99% of
our clients situation
& Review

If you fail to plan, you plan
to fail. Every Solid client
has a goal for the future

Capacity, Affordability and Serviceabilityinfographic

Our Mentor Program process works,

because we take the time to understand your situation. Rarely does a client of ours have to change their life-styles radically. The key to building a portfolio is to have your assets and your liabilities working for you, your cash flow harnessed, and selecting good properties in good locations that will get good rent.

Now that is a GREAT result!


Solid Investment Property run a successful Property Mentor business where we offer seminars throughout the year and invite you to join our Mentor Program. It is so affordable at an investment of $1000+GST and is tax deductible.
By investing in Solid’s Mentor Program, you are guaranteed personalised service. Lynne Wilton, our director and founder, will meet with you and spend approximately five to six hours with you to create and formulate your personal financial plan. During this time she will introduce you to our Mortgage Broker Simon Birch.
Together they will examine your assets, liabilities and structure. This includes debts; current mortgages and other commitments such as maintenance; supporting aged parents or caring for children with disabilities.self-growth
At the conclusion of the meeting, Lynne will have gathered all the information required to compile a recommendation based on service capacity and serviceability provided by our mortgage broker and a view of appropriate properties moving forward which could form a part of your property investment portfolio.

We are not employed by any developer. Lynne is an independent REIV qualified licensed Real Estate Agent, who acts as your Property Mentor to ensure that you are correctly structured, are not over committing yourself financially and are selecting the best properties available for capital growth.


“Investing is not for everyone”, says Lynne. “We know this because 66% of Australians don’t invest and end up living pension to pension”.
Meet the Experts
Lynne Wilton founder of Solid Investment Property in Melbourne

Lynne WiltonFounder of Solid Group, JV Partner
with Solid Sandridge Mortgages

Simon Birch from a financial mortgage broker

Simon BirchFinancial Wellbeing Group
1300 394 394

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