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We like to get to know you and understand a little bit about where you have come from, what your goals and aspirations for the future are and also what experiences you have had so far around property investments.

Rarely do two people have the same investor profile and for this reason we spend a lot of time working with individuals and couples to bridge the gap and find a comfortable ground in which to lay the foundations to build a Solid property portfolio.

Our objective is to establish a long term relationship with you, helping you to establish your property portfolio paced according to your capacity and serviceability. This coupled with your investor profile is the perfect way to get started.

Your first step – we would like to invite you into our office so we can:

  • Show you how we have helped many other people.
  • Meet our team, who have helped hundreds of people just like you, build a successful and sustainable property portfolio.
  • Provide a detailed property investment analysis based on your circumstances and choice of property.
  • Share with you an opportunity which you can get started on, that will lay the foundation for your portfolio.

Most of our clients say that this meeting is life changing.
This appointment could be the most significant meeting for your future. The decisions you may take could have a positive outcome for your long-term goals.

The purpose of our meeting is to:

  • Share some information with you
  • Explore if building a property portfolio is appropriate for you
  • Show you how we’ve helped other people and how we can help you
  • Help you create a household budget
  • Spend time with the mortgage broker to assess your capacity and serviceability, look at how you are approaching your current mortgage/s, and how you can improve you current structure.

We will look at where you are now, where you would like to be in the future, what your needs are and what plans are in place for your financial future.