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SIPservicesMany Australians are aware that they need to do more for their future but feel they are unable to do so due to mortgage commitments, cost of living and the lack of funds available for investment use.

We see many potential clients struggle with a mortgage for 25 years or more, merely hoping that this debt will be paid off before they stop working.

Is it any wonder that nearly 80% of Australians end up retiring on less than $15,600 per annum and in debt?

By providing detailed information on the more efficient use of cash flow and current debt reduction strategies available to our clients, it is our aim at SOLID to help you pay off your mortgage sooner, thereby releasing capacity to start investing in property with the goal of establishing a more secure future.

Our joint goal is to design the best structure for your personal set of circumstances. In this, we will take into consideration all of the benefits available to you under the current environment to ensure that you receive maximum benefit within your portfolio for serviceability, growth and performance.

Our services don’t stop when you leave the office…

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are available every day to guide you through the entire process and to handle any and every enquiry you have along the way.

It is our goal at SOLID to provide our clients with the information needed to take control of your future, use the best structure and gain the maximum advantage available.

For any questions or information regarding our services please do not hesitate to contact us today