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It’s easy to see why people today are looking for options…

“51% of women who intended to retire between 45 and 54 expected to have no personal income source when they retired.”
| Australian Bureau of Statistics – April 2009
“In 2007 two million retired Australians, who represented 66 percent of the retired population, reported that their only source of income was the pension of $235.75 per person/per couple a week.”
| Australian Bureau of Statistics – March 2009
“Between 2003 and 2007, 78% of retired Australians who had received a lump sum superannuation payment received less than $15,600. Only 4% of Australians retiring stated that they were financially secure in their retirement with a gross income of more than $1,000 gross weekly income.”
| Australian Bureau of Statistics – March 2009
“The majority of Australians surveyed over the past 20 years state 65 to 69 years as their expected age of retirement. However statistics prove that 31% of these people actually retired at 57 due to ill health or inability to continue working. This leaves a gap of approximately 10 years in loss of expected income for the average Australian. Have you planned for this?”
| Australian Bureau of Statistics – March 2009
“Despite government legislated superannuation contributions there has been no change in household planning for retirement over the past 20 years, despite the governments push towards self-funded retirement.”
| Australian Bureau of Statistics – March 2009
“Of course I minimise my tax – any Australian who doesn’t needs their head read.”
| Formerly Australia’s richest man – Kerry Packer, Courier Mail 2/11/91

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