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Shane Healy former General Manager 3AW radio

Lynne Wilton and her company, Solid Investment Property has been a client of 3AW Radio since January 2011.
During this time, Lynne has shown a consistent commitment to establishing her investment property mentor service and growing her brand within the greater Melbourne market. We have always found Lynne to be a credible and professional business women who has a genuine interest in helping everyday people understand how to invest in property. And from the feedback we have received over the past three and a half years, Lynne provides a knowledgeable and reputable service to her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynne and her company, Solid Investment Property.

| Shane Healy
General Manager - Retired
Fairfax Radio 3AW

Client Testimonials

| David
| Alvin & Jo
| Anthea
| Michael and Surani - Client since 2014
| Joyce - Client since 2013
| Rick - Client since 2013
| Simon - Client since 2012
| Tony - Client since 2012
| George - Client since 2011
| Ros - Client since 2011
| Shayne - Client since 2010
| Rebecca - Client since 2014
| Bronwyn - Client since 2011
| Graeme and Pamela - Client since 2010

As a member of the Mentor Program since 2012 if there is one thing that you should do for yourself before taking the plunge into property investing is to attend one of Lynne’s seminars to understand her approach and formula on property investment and get to know her. Lynne is very personable and has the experience and genuine interest in achieving good outcomes for her clients. Lynne’s attention to detail is what I really like, being able to answer questions in a way that is easy to understand. The Mentor Program provides me with ongoing advice on property portfolio development which goes beyond just buying a property, as well as up-to-date information on the property market in general.

After my yearly review with Lynne last week my property portfolio is tracking really well and I know that I couldn’t have chosen a better person than Lynne and the Solid Group team to do business with.

| Anne W - Client since 2012

After selling our family home last year and needing a retirement investment, we attended a Solid Group Seminar in Sydney and met Lynne Wilton.

We enjoyed listening to her, gained valuable information and afterwards Lynne spent another couple of hours with us - after which we were feeling very enthusiastic about our future. We felt she was very knowledgeable due to many years in property investment.

We flew to Melbourne a few weeks later to meet the 'Solid Team', inspect properties and meet developers. With Lynne, nothing is a problem, she is always helpful and willing to go 'that extra mile'!
With her wealth of experience and good sense of humour, we are enjoying our journey with her. This has resulted in us purchasing an investment property in Melbourne and now negotiating to help our son to purchase his first Unit, also in Melbourne.

It is an exciting time for us all which probably would not have happened if we had not met Lynne and the Solid Group.
We feel this is the beginning of, hopefully, a long and prosperous time with Lynne and would recommend her most highly.

| Megan L - Client since 2016

I'd heard the Solid Investment Property ads on 3aw for a while. I didn't get to attend one of the free seminars until quite a while later due to other commitments. Well, I wish I had made the time sooner. It was a real eye opener and I knew Lynne was the person to help us invest in our future and properties.

Our situation was slightly complicated but that didn't put Lynne off. She listened to our needs and came up with a way to make it work. We are thrilled to say we will have our first investment property this year! We look forward to a long working relationship with Lynne and her team, and know we are in the best hands possible. We can't thank them enough 🙂

| Sam and Nathan I  - Client since 2016

My husband and I met Lynne at a Seminar in 2015. Her formula around investing and her advice on how to structure a property portfolio resonated well with us. Lynne offers a genuine mentor program. We were at the cross roads wanting to upgrade our family home and still be able to invest using property as our future. We wanted a 5 - 10 year plan, so we joined her mentor program and booked our first meeting with her a few weeks later.

We had already been looking at properties and in fact had put down a $1,000 deposit before meeting with Lynne. We were not sure if it was going to meet our requirements and wanted further endorsement. During the mentor session, Lynne looked over the plans and agreed that the floor plans looked good, but the developer was unknown to her. She used her contacts and did some research, only to find that the Developer had an exceedingly bad reputation of building poorly constructed and inferior products.

Shattered, that we were back to the drawing board and relieved at the same time. Lynne went to work in understanding our requirements and after some research came up with a townhouse in Ascot Vale that ticked all our boxes. The developer was well known in the industry with an outstanding reputation for design, construct and finishes and Lynne had had prior experience working with him.

It was so much fun, because Lynne arranged for the builder to meet us on site. We stood on a vacant block, and used Lynne's ute as our work table and the builder ran over all of the aspects of the property and we made a few small changes. It was the most personal and helpful service we had ever experienced.

How lucky are we. We didn't have to stand at auctions week in week out getting disappointed. Lynne negotiated hard for us and we couldn't be happier.

We now have the home that we wanted and at a great price. During the meeting we met with Simon Birch from Sandridge Finance who organised our loan without a problem. The whole process has been smooth and not stressful at all.

Lynne is not only a great negotiator and very knowledgeable in property investments but most of all she is caring and the advice that she gives is always to put her clients needs first.

Now that we have our new home we look forward to working with Lynne in buying our first investment property in the near future.

| Laura and Aleks K  - Client since 2015

I am writing this letter as a testimonial for Lynne Wilton.
I attended a meeting held by Solid Investment Property/Lynne Wilton at the Eltham Hotel after hearing an advertisement on 3AW. I had heard the advertisement many times and it had always caught my interest. This particular time I bit the bullet and rang and 2 days later I attended the meeting. I had nothing to lose so thought I would turn up with an open mind and hopefully learn a thing or two.The meeting was very informative and Lynne was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and most of all approachable. I felt enlightened to gain more knowledge and so signed up to meet for a one on one with Lynne. Lynne has such an amazing way with people. She made me feel at ease and I felt that I could discuss openly and honestly all areas of my finances. She explained everything in a clear and concise manner that was easy to understand and made me feel there is light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Her knowledge in finance and property is evident. Her capacity in making you feel positive and excited about the future is truly a gift. Not only does she manage to give you hope and a dream to work towards but she gives you the strategies to put into place to make it happen.

I can highly recommend Lynne and her company. Her staff and work associates are a reflection on her business. All of whom were welcoming and could not do enough to help. I am looking forward to my next meeting with Lynne and am excited about the new direction Lynne and her colleagues are guiding me towards.

| Wendy C  - Client since 2015

Thank you so much to an amazing team of professionals that have assisted a potential property investor become a landlord.
With your professional support and guidance you have assisted with property selection, understanding the finance requirement and benefits, financing solution, conveyancing, document management and rental to deliver an excellent outcome.Without your guidance and support, I’d still be contemplating an investment property instead of being a landlord.

You’ve made what was once a daunting task, seamless. If it’s that easy, I’m already thinking about the next one….in a couple of years.

I could not have done this without your help.

| Gary G  - Client since 2014

I’m very excited about my up and coming apartment in Camberwell. Since meeting with Solid, my life is good. I am planning a road trip in Italy with some friends, can’t wait. And it’s all in the budget. I’m a changed woman Lynne. I can’t thank you enough for the assistance with the budget, it’s become part of my life and for the first time I feel in control. I tell everyone about my budget. It attracts interesting comments, some think I’m a tad obsessive but most of my friends see the value. People are kidding themselves if they are think they understand where their money is going if they don’t have some kind of budget/system in place. Keeping track is obviously important & crucial, but the budget has also taught me to value and respect money.

| Nadia M - Client since 2013 

After our much belated 12 month review, we can honestly say that 2015 is going to be the 'pick me up' year after a rough 2013 and 2014. Meeting other 'arms' of Solid in recent months has led to many new and fresh discoveries. Best of all, the time your team has taken to get to know us as a couple and a family gives us the trust we absolutely need to build our future to a way only Solid knew how to do for us. We are much happier and very much looking forward to our new and better mortgage investment outlook and management of our apartment.

| Sharon and Liam  - Client since 2011

My Partner and I find working with Lynne informative and she is very helpful. We like the way Lynne use the whiteboard and explains everything to us. It makes a lot of sense. Everytime I meet with you, the penny drops and I like how you give us a face to face experience. Lynne is always so easy to work with and very pleasant. We had limited experience and the investment property that we purchased through her has worked out very nicely. We are really happy with our decision and we are now looking at our second property.

After moving to Melbourne, we decided to auctioned our home in Darwin from Melbourne. The tyranny of distance made it hard, and Lynne was on the phone giving me advice, and assisted me on price and how to cut my losses. In fact Lynne was live on the phone with me during the auction and was supportive and helpful and endorsed my decision making process at a very stressful time.

I have always felt that lynne is very generous with her time and never trying to rush us out the door. Lynne has given us a starting point when we didn't know the market as well as we would have liked to, we have been able to bounce ideas off lynne and her advice is pretty good.

| Cheryl and John O - Client since 2011

Before meeting with Lynne, my husband and I knew we wanted to get smart with our money and invest for our future, we just had no idea where to start … or how to finish!
At our first meeting, we purchased our first investment property … it was that easy and the whole process has been easy … because of Lynne and her teams support.
We couldn’t have done it without Solid Group … highly recommend!!!

| Anthea and Sean - Client since 2012

From the start we felt we could build a relationship and rely on the industry knowledge and expertise provided by Solid. We started out at a seminar and today we are looking at purchasing our fourth property. Two of these we have done through Solid. We didn't have the best tax structure in place to begin with, and Lynne showed us a far more efficient and effective solution which we implemented immediately. We have really benefited from being able to come back every year for our reviews and build on our portfolio wealth creation.

It is a really supportive program. We also love the way the team come up with innovative solutions and take away the stress. With our last investment, the team did a lot of running around for us. We were getting married and holding down full time jobs, the assistance was invaluable and we couldn't have done it without you.

The trust in the relationship and the stress free program and the guidance has been amazing. Everyone is always available and Sj was great with the inspections and Olivia with all the paperwork and administration.

| Trevor and Elyse C - Clients since 2012

Thanks Olivia. Everything seems to be falling nicely into place with the settlement, tenants etc, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Solid you for all your help. It has been a very smooth process (with very little intervention required by myself) from start to (almost!) finish. I will continue to recommend Solid to anyone who is interested in investment property purchase (I have mentioned to a few people, but as far as I know, no one has gone any further).

Thanks again, and hopefully I will be seeing you in the future for further purchases!

| Janelle S. - Client since 2012

I can't complain. The experience has been fantastic.

The projected figures for our investment outlay was going to be $85 per week and it ended up being after settlement only $67 per week.
Look forward to our annual reviews and a continued relationship.

| Steven and Jenny Z - Clients since 2012

I would like to reply to say what a fantastic experience we have had dealing with Solid. We were very apprehensive at first as we have never done this before and were a little terrified of what may happen. From day one, Lynne made us feel comfortable and gave us the confidence to push ahead and purchase our first investment property. From setting up the account at the bank to buying the property through to settlement and even finding a good Tennant for us. It has been about one year since it settled and things are going very smoothly.

| Wayne and Michelle - Clients since 2011

From the time I met Lynne at the introductory seminar I had a good feeling and that continued on into our first meeting in her office. I decided to put my trust in her and just go with my gut feeling. Lynne gave me the feeling of confidence that I had some 'insider knowledge' that I could never get on my own.

Only time will tell but I'm confident Lynne has chosen a good property for me to get started with, and I'm on the road to becoming a success in property with my first investment under way.

Thanks to Lynne and everyone at Solid.

| Chris A - Client since 2013

Over the years I have often thought about investment properties but never felt I had the confidence or the knowledge to do so, until I met Lynne Wilton.

I first heard Lynne on the radio promoting her property investing seminars & how she can help create a path to financial freedom & remembered thinking it’s now or never, so off we went to Lynne’s seminar & my husband & I have never looked back.

We have also read Lynne’s book titled “The Formula” & found it to be very inspirational & helpful in understanding why investing is the way to go for financial freedom.

We would like to express our greatest gratitude to our mentor Lynne Wilton & her team at Solid Group; they have helped & supported us throughout our journey into property investing.
We are also grateful to Lynne for her continuous support on our investment property, from the initial advice & contacts in the early stages of her seminar & through ongoing advice & encouragement to this day.

Lynne; thank you for your dedication & helpful support & encouraging us to give property investing a go. You have been the perfect mentor to guide us through our journey to financial freedom.

We now have a “plan” & we are going to stick with it!!

| Bree & James H - Clients since 2013

I would like to take a moment to Thank You for your generous, kind and honest support.

As a rule, I am a skeptical and private person by nature and had no expectation or trust in your services prior to meeting you.

Being a single dad, I am a point in my life, having a few assets and looking forward, where I was looking for some external, unbiased, honest advice about asset/ property/ investment, and asset management.. Having heard your advertisments and attended a seminar 3 years ago. I sent you an email to arrange an appointment. My only regret, if I am totally honest is I didn't arrange an appointment with you 3 years ago. I only attended the seminar and left.

Having been in business for a number of years, I am used to sitting in meetings where, the ultimate aim has always been, whats in it for me. At no time during our consultation did I get the sense of whats in it for me. I walked away from our meeting thinking I had just met the most compassionate, kind, honest women I have ever met in business.

Your honesty, compassion to my situation and willingness to help on the spot, has left me most humbled and indebted to you and your company. Your honest assesement of my situation and constant support as really impacted my life right now, in ways I do not think you could comprehend.

My objective was simple, I wanted to get honest, unbiased assessement of my situation and direction to move forward. I certainly achieved this with your guidance and walked away with much more.

I would recommend the services of Solid Investment Group headed by Lynne, to anyone. I can not speak more highly of your support, compassion and knowledge to the point, I am happy to be personally be contacted if anyone wants to confirm what I have said.

| Alexander A - Client since 2010

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to you. Your skills and expertise in the property domain have opened the doors to wise investments for many.

For many years I had the desire to invest in property to ensure future security. Despite much research I was still unsure how to begin. Attendance at one of your seminars changed that. Your willingness to share your successful formula and the ways in which you provide guidance and support to your clients are commendable. I, and now my son, have benefited from all you and your company offer and I am extremely thankful. We couldn't have done it without you.

| Marlene W - Client since 2012

We’re so pleased with the help, advice & support you and the Solid team have given us already – I’m more than happy to recommend you.

| Anthea M - Client since 2012

I have known Lynne Wilton for the last five years through our shared interest in art, and also have worked with her on a number of successful projects to benefit local charities over the years. I also share her interest in investment properties, and have been a client of Solid Financial Services for the last four months. I have found Lynne's assistance in restructuring my previously tangled finances in valuable. I now have a structure I can work with, and am looking forward to acquiring my next investment property through Solid Investment Property.

| Andrea W - Client since 2012

Lynne has demonstrated over many years and in various markets an ability to provide positive results for her clients. Her reading of trends, her attention to detail and her capacity to communicate information to her clients in a personal and professional manner are hallmarks of her business success. We highly recommend her services.

| Bill M & Sue F - Client since 2013

Lynne has been working with us for near on a year now and we have found her to be a well of knowledge and advice and totally trustworthy, in fact I think she would rather give you money than rip you off.

In the last 7 months we have saved over $14000 using her techniques and advice, we have also placed a deposit on a 1 bedroom apartment in Prahran by freeing up equity from our home, this will settle in 18 months. We have put a holding deposit on one in Armadale that will finish building in 3 years and have placed an expression of interest on a block of land at the back of Noosa Heads for when we move there. We only had our home and a mortgage 12 months ago.

All I can say is this. If you want surgery go to a surgeon, if you want your teeth done go to a dentist, if you want to invest in property go to Lynne Wilton. She has the experience, history and her own property portfolio to prove that she has got the skills to guide you through the maze of property investment, tax reduction, finance and where to invest. Get an expert with a proven history of success. She is also a really really nice person who cares about where you are going to be in 10 years. We now have a future and I can actually say that we will retire in 10 years...

Yes!!!!! Thanks for that hope Lynne, without you we would be working well into our early 70’s. Remember this, nothing is free. If you want expert advice and help you have to pay for it, the bonus with Lynne is it’s a tax deduction!!!!

| Stephen F & Anne R - Client since 2010

Dealing with Lynne over the past year has been a pleasure. The knowledge & expertise that they have shared with us will be invaluable in securing our financial future & this together with their sincere & professional approach makes them an asset in itself. We have now come to know them personally & take this opportunity to thank them for all their help. (You can keep the Dog though guys!)

| Mick F - Client since 2010
General Manager

Lynne thank you again 1000 times for your assistance with this purchase, not to mention your patience and advice. Sincerely appreciated. I look forward to a long working relationship with you.

| Liz F - Client since 2011
Team Leader

Hello Lynne. Many thanks to you and your team I am looking forward to getting home and having a look at the finished product. It was a hole in the ground half full of water last time I saw it. It doesn't seem that long ago since our relationship started but I am very sure that it was the right move to cement the future for Colleen and myself.

| Russell R - Client since 2010